Tarot & Oracle Reading

Tarot reading requires the practitioner to use intuition to connect to the energy behind the question and the card and thus obtain the information or meaning that is required for the answer.

Tarot cards will not tell you the exact unfolding of your future. They are indicators, signpost that provide possible solutions that are in harmony with your present spiritual state.  Typically, questions, which are centered in the present situation and are involving simple and clear choices are adequate:

• Should I go to Paris or Berlin?

• Should I take the new job?

• Should I ask him or her for dinner?

• Should I take this class?

Contrary to Tarot, an Oracle deck has much less tradition and structure. The number of cards may vary from one set to another and they are generally designed around a specific theme (e.g. angels, heart, healing, etc…).

Because of its lack of tradition and structure, an Oracle deck offers more scope to allow inner or divine guidance to truly shape the reading. It relays more on the reader’s intuition and interpretation.

For the reading, our practitioner will use a Tarot or Oracle deck that is relevant to the question that has been asked.  


Kyla Tustin - United States

Dominique’s honour and passion for life is contagious. He is an inspiration to both men and women on how if we follow our values and dreams the expansion in our lives and hearts is unstoppable. 

The depth and wisdom of his words and knowledge within our sessions has led me to unlock cherished parts of myself and enable confidence and conviction in my life and my business. 

With Dominique’s support I now respect who I am and that my goals in life are valuable, which has positively influenced my relationships ... I thank you everyday."

Caz Coronel - United Kingdom

Dominique has been a trusted guide to me with his Tarot cards over the years.  His readings have always been greatly helpful and I cannot think of a time he was not accurate. 

He has a way of sharing his wisdom in a way  that allows you to understand the options ahead of you and make positive proactive decision. 

His council has been  a great comfort to me over the years and I could not recommend him more highly.