Spiritual Readings

Hello! I am Michel and I am a psychic medium based in Bristol. Welcome to my page on Holistic Union! 

You will find me at various spiritual fairs and workshops where I exhibit my art work and provide readings. I also attend a number of spiritualist churches across the UK throughout the year. 


I provide personal face to face (Bristol and Bath Areas in the UK) an online reading in person and using Skype. 

My spiritual path developed in my early 40’s. I now work as a medium, platform medium, healer and shamanic worker. 

I often demonstrate in various churches, healing centres and one to one readings with encaustic art. 

How it works?

I provide three type of reading that are:

  1. Spiritual reading (with or without the use of a Tarot deck)
  2. Spiritual reading with encaustic art. Note that for this type of reading, the cost depends on your location as I will be shipping the painted card to you after the session
  3. Local, face to face spiritual reading. This is only available for you if you live in the Bristol and Bath area. You are welcome to validate your location, prior to making a booking, by contacting Holistic Union

My readings are either direct psychic reading with my connections to spiritual guides and other spirits who want to speak to you. If you select a reading with encaustic art, I shall then be using what I call my magic box. It is basically a box of various colour wax blocks and with a hot iron I make a painting for you, based on the energy of the moment. 

The first part of the reading, I link with my spiritual guide(s) and you your energy. Whatever comes in my mind, is for you. I tell you exactly what comes, how it feels, smell etc.... This information is channelled thought me by spirits. The second part of the reading, I pick coloured waxes that I am drawn to, and draw a card, picture whilst I am carrying on channelling the information base on the energy at that moment. 

At the end of  the session, the encaustic painting is yours to keep. It can then be use to reflect on yourself and meditate.