The Psychic and the Visions

Michel Lemoine, Psychic , Shaman, Healer and Encaustic Artist.

We are glad to introduce to the Holistic Union’s website an amazing French psychic, chef, shaman, healer and encaustic artist called Michel Lemoine. 

Michel is a very creative man of many talents and therefore, let us read his own introduction:

Is it not interesting, you work, live and follow a path all your life, thinking that it is the way it is going to be, then you meet somebody and like a flip of a coin they change your life for ever. 

I am from a third generation of restaurateurs and caterers. From a young age, I knew that I always wanted to be a chef. So, I did. I trained in France and came to the UK in 1981. I worked in London for few years then decided to settle down in the West Country where I married my wife, had children, a house, businesses and so on. The normal stuff that anybody would do.

Being a lifelong smoker, I decided to stop, realising I could not carry on as I was. After numerous attempts and failing, I decided to be hypnotised. This is when I met Tessa Kirby, " an alchemist of the mind " as she described herself on her leaflets. Tessa sent me into a world where I never been before. The things I saw were incredible. I believe that when my third eye was opened, my mind’s eye became alive. When I came back from my mind trip, I was so puzzled with my experience things started to change. Deep inside me, I could feel myself crying for something. I was aware of those strong feelings, but I could not understand them, however I knew things were waking up. I just knew I was on a spiritual path and I had to walk that path. Time had come.

I knew as well for some unknown reasons, I had to meet Tessa and our path had to cross, I just had this strong instinct, this gut feeling. I am a Master Reiki Healer, I have learned the shamanic way to travel into other dimensions, I also do various healing courses, psychic development workshops, still seat in closed group and most of all psychic art, which I really get lost in and do not want to stop creating. I just knew the time had come........

For me mediumship is the pinnacle of spiritual work. To be able to convey messages from the other side, to feel, smell, seeing, feel the emotions, the blend of energy from the spiritual world and the physical world is an incredible experience, and gives me incredible feeling of satisfaction. I recently started to do platform work even, so I am a little apprehensive, when it flows it is magical to see the story unfolding.  It is like crossing over a bridge and meeting someone, to exchange conversations, to bring messages from a loved one, reassurance and understanding that life is not over, it has just taken a different aspect. 


About spiritual artwork: This is when the fun starts. A blank sheet of paper or canvas, a set of colours, and here we go. I never know where it is going to take me. I just go with the flow, with my intuition. It has happened before, to be lost in the picture and finding myself having a kind of conversation with my higher self. I only know the picture is finished when I get the name. I also do private seating sessions, where I will draw you a personal picture. I will sit with you, link with your energy and start to draw or paint, go with the flow asking my guides to help me and to guide me for your purpose and give me any messages for yourself.

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