Holistic Union provides a past, present, future life regression.

Life Regression

Using guided deep relaxation, meditation like, you will connect to your subconscious and start a journey of discovery. Your subconscious will be taking you to other lives. You will experience images, sounds, thoughts and feelings and intuitive knowing of other lifetimes.

We all have feeling such as:

· Meeting somebody and feeling that you have met before

· Travelling to a new place to discover that you feel to have been there before

· Have very vivid dreams of being somebody else

· Feeling that you have lived in future lifetimes

· Feeling that attachment to people or places come from somewhere else

· Not understanding what in this life makes you have negative feelings such as anger and fears

· Feeling that there is a gap in your life that you cannot explain

Your journey will enable you to better understand and heal yourself.

Having another life regression online is very much like having a one-to-one , face-to-face session. 


There are so many ways of explaining what  past life regression is and you may have your own feeling about it. The process will be explained to you when we start the journey. This regression is very much like a guided meditation, no hypnosis is involved even though you will be brought to a very deep and relaxed state of mind. So, you will be in complete control and you will remember everything when the session is finished. You will be able to communicate with me during your journey and therefore get advices on how to proceed with your experience. You may feel that you are imaging the whole experience, but in facts you will be communicating with your higher self. There is a treasure in yourself that you can get to when you go through the subconscious gate. Go and grab what is yours. Learn and apply tomorrow this new skill of travelling into yourself.


Ling Choi - Finland

"When I first heard about past life regression from a good friend of mine, I did not think I would experience it myself. After half year, amidst my confusion in life, I suddenly recalled my friend recommending Dominique. I felt the urge to sort my old things, so I simply reached out. The timing was right.

Having a past life regression is having a journey internally across countries and time. Thank you, Dominique, for your patience and guidance. I even had some technical problem with my computer, but Dominique was very helpful and guided me back to the relaxed state.

I am thankful for the help. Having such journey back in time is valuable. Since knots are untied, I feel things are moving forward again, smoother."

Gaurav Dhup – United Kingdom

"You are at the right place if you are looking for the best Regression Therapy experience. This was my very first regression journey and I must say that Dominique led it perfectly.

Dominique subtly guides you all along which puts you at ease and makes you extremely comfortable with the entire process. The journey lasts for as long as you stay attuned and the experience is completely dependent on where your sub conscious takes you."