The Druid and the Paintings

Edward Foster, the Druid and the Painter

We are glad to introduce to the Holistic Union’s website an amazing British artist called Edward Foster.  

Edward paints the world as beautifully as possible as he sees it beautiful and divine. His artwork is the art of the sublime.

Edward is a self-taught artist who decided at the age of twenty to make his passion into his career. Ever since then, he has continued to enjoy this passionate career.

Edward lives in a beautiful part in the U.K. A very inspiring and sacred place called the Forest of the Bowland. It is situated in the heart of Lancashire where he has his working studio.

Most of his artwork comes from visionary experiences in nature. These experiences are fuelled by his constant search for understanding himself and nature in these environments. He is a nature pilgrim and an aspiring druid.  Edward perceives life very much in the steps of Alan Watts' words: "We are born out of nature like leaves out of a tree".

Edward has immersed himself into Anglesey Druidic training, Shamanic drumming and journeying and in Hemi Sync ethereal voyaging. He is a Reiki healer and he loves meditating in nature. Edward has also experienced beautiful and profound plant medicine ceremonies, which have truly been life changing.

Edward has exhibited his art work throughout the UK (London, etc…). His artwork is internationally known and over 300 pieces of his original artwork and prints have been sold to collectors Worldwide. Countries include USA, New Zealand, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK.

A Selection of Art reviews:


“Edward Foster's work is remarkable and beautiful-a deep insight into visionary realms and the world of spirits.”

Graham Hancock - Major international archaeological author.

“What I love about Edwards work is that everything is so distinct and yet interconnected at the same time.”

Tim Freke - Author of more than 30 books, translated into 15 languages. 

“Edward Foster is a superb visionary artist whose paintings are stunningly beautiful. They have the power to stop minds and put us into direct contact with the transcendent.”

Steven Taylor - Internationally know author of many books including “The Fall”.

“Gaia by Edward Foster is a stunning painting that evokes the Spirit of Mother Nature. ” 

Kindred Spirit Magazine

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