About Us

Who we are

Esther has a background in wellbeing and self-transformation practices that she is delivering for many years to many satisfied customers.  

She is a fully qualified Zhineng Qi Gong teachers in Europe (levels 1-3) from the DaoHearts School in China.

She is a qualified group coach and health and wellness coach from the Animas Institute. 

She is a caring masseuse who has studied Ayurvedic therapies, beauty therapies and Ayurveda and pregnancy at the Ayurveda Pura Academy in London. She has also qualified as a levels 1-4 Ayurvedic massage Yoga therapist in India. 

She has also studied shamanism with Lynn Gosney and shamanic healing with Georgien Wybenga. She has deepened shamanism with Sandra Ingerman.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, she is qualified as a level 1 Instructor under Shiv Charan Singh’s tutelage and as a children Yoga practitioner in Spain under Gurudass Kaur Khalsa. She also has parts 1-2 Tantra Flow Yoga certifications that she obtained as Jeanne Heileman’s student in Spain. She is also a level 1 Yin Yoga teacher from Sarah Lo Teacher Training.

She has qualified as a Gong therapist and Gong Yoga teacher under the Mehtab Benton’s tutelage. She has also completed the Gong Master Training under Tom Soltron, Abby del Sol, Don Conreaux and Esteban Valdivia in Poland. Esther has performed gong baths in Bristol, London and summer festivals that were blissful. 

Esther is highly intuitive and likes to use her intuition to reach higher levels of consciousness. She uses different tools and practices and she qualified as an angel tarot card reader under Doreen Virtue. 

At the Holistic Healing College, under the tutelage of Blue Marsden, she completed both Soul Plan Reading and Advance Soul Plan Reading & Coaching.

Esther offers online sessions and teaches in workshops and retreats.

Dominique is our energy healer, life regression facilitator and tarot & oracle card reader. He has over 30 years of experience in these fields and has helped people in Europe as well as in the United States. 

His skills in energy healing, based on Jemuddi Buki and other energy manipulation techniques. He has acquired them through learning shamanic healing and from spiritual masters direct teaching. These have benefited many people physically, emotionally and spiritually. He is a qualified Jemuddi Buki practitioner (levels 1-3) from the Geometrics of Self Healing School. He has also qualified as a shamanic healer with Georgien Wybenga.

He has been certified by Denise Linn as a past life coach in the United States and has provided past life regression (that he now calls “other life regression”) to many people worldwide. These regressions have led to many deep, meaningful and life changing experiences. 

As a Denise Linn’s student, for many years, he is also a qualified soul coach and oracle reader. He has performed over 1,000 readings. He had developed an intuitive way of reading both Tarot and Oracle cards that forms now the basis of his present card reading work. He is also teaching this method to students in London.

During the last twenty years, he has also directed a meditation and energy work group, that has involved teaching students how to cut energetic cords, perform amplified group healing and he has taught meditation (Vipassana and mindfulness). 

He has also completed the Gong Master Training under Tom Soltron, Abby del Sol, Don Conreaux and Esteban Valdivia in Poland. He has performed in summer festivals in the UK to the delight of hundreds of participants.

For the business world, he also created active visualisation exercises for day or project planning. 

He has completed the Magnum Opus : Nigredo Stage from The Centre of Applied Jungian Studies and other courses from the Monroe Institute.

Dominique offers online sessions and teaches in workshops and retreats around beautiful places in Europe.

Why Holistic Union

Holistic Union was created with you in mind. It is here to serve you, guide you and help you at becoming the best person you can be. 

Our mission is to  improve your emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

What do we deliver

We are providing two different types of services, that are as follows:

  • One-to-One: online service that will help you to clarify your path and help you at understanding the options you have to either grow more spiritually or to answer questions about your daily life.
  • Workshops and Retreats: let yourself be part of these extraordinary events that will focus on specific holistic topics. We are covering for you many different aspects, from body exercise and meditation to more spiritual and psychic practices.