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Connecting you with your deeper self

As Alex Grey wrote: "Visionary mystical experiences are humanity's most direct contact with God and the creative source of all sacred art and wisdom traditions. The best currently existing technology for sharing the mystic imaginal realms is a well-crafted artist rendering by an eye witness".

Holistic Union is dedicated to proliferate visionary art as well as holistic services. We are selling prints and other items from uprising artists.

From the United Kingdom, we are presenting the work of Edward Foster.  Edward Foster, a visionary British artist, has created spiritual paintings since the 1990’s. His style of painting is so powerful that it touches your inner self and connect you to mystical feelings and archetypes. Prints of his paintings can be found at this link.

Alex Grey, Visionary Artist
Alex Grey, Visionary Artist

The ultimate Bhagavad Gita book. On sale now at our shop!

The ultimate Bhagavad Gita book

Zhineng Qigong retreat in India wit Lu Zhengdao

All religions, spiritualities and practises come from the true self realm. It is a way to be human totally different from the normal way.

It is a deeper level of existence. From this deep, we can redefine all our life. Through the direct experience of the reality, we can break the egoic shell. Mind patterns can be opened  and transformed. Logical thinking can be disintegrates into a deeper consciousness level. The controlling mind can be dissolved into a free mode of existence that is our true self.

The body follows mind instructions. When the mind is renewed, the body is automatically regenerated. It is possible to make radical changes. Normally, we experience life superficially. We are rarely awaken to our deeper self, our true essence. We are stuck at the ego way of thinking, feeling and doing. We repeat same patterns for years, and sometimes for all our lifetime. We pass through life with too few presence to be really able to experience love, freedom, health and joy of life

through the practise of « conditioned dharmas » and « unconditioned dharmas » (to be explained during the retreat), we will have the opportunity to experience direct, automatic and rapid transformation of the body, emotion and mind pains and problems. 

During 30 days, we will pass through a process to return to reality, to our nature, to our true self. All illnesses, pains and stress will become new gifts to help us to awake. When we open our self and accept the unity, we open the possibility for all problems to flow and transform freely and automatically. Old habits to firmly control our life will be broken. This break down will offer us the possibility to end a life of slavery and pains. It is a life miracle that is blossoming for us, we will become the creative master of our own destiny. We can live a life of freedom, joy and love for our self, for our beloved and for all humanity.

Holistic Union co-hosts this incredible retreat!

For 1 month, the Zhineng QiGong retreat will take place in India with master Lu Zhengdao.