Visualisation or guided imagery therapy is a cognitive-behavioral technique in which a one is guided in imagining a relaxing scene or series of experiences.

The usefulness of guided imagery techniques has been shown to be effective in helping individuals learn or modify behaviors such as:

·         Inducing relaxation

·         Managing better negative emotions

·         Rehearsing  changes or situations  they are likely to have to deal with in the future

·         Stopping or managing undesirable behaviors

·         Coping with difficulties

·         Learning and changing behaviors

·         Developing better solutions for meeting challenges

·         Re-living difficult situations and releasing any negative emotions linked to them

·         Increasing creativity

To address any of these issues, our practitioner can direct a visualisation session that can resolve the above challenges and therefore make you feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced and complete. these sessions can either be provided locally at our clinic or remotely wherever you are in the world.