Regressions, or other life regressions (generally known as past life regression…. a terminology that can be misleading as “future” lives may surface in your journey) are a form of hypnotherapy or deep relaxation that takes you to other lives, past or future. The regression process involves deep relaxation and guided imagery. Therefore, you will be guided into other lifetimes’ memories, which may contain important information relevant that you may need critically in your current lifetime. In some specific conditions, direct communications with other lifetimes is also possible and this allows you to break through the illusion of time.

People may have many reasons for pursuing other life regression… Traumas, fears, blockages, or a spiritual self-improvement desire may be what you are looking for. Whatever your reasons, you can take your journey with complete peace of mind as all sessions are conducted in a safe and relaxing environment. Sessions generally can last between one to two hours in length, all under your control.

Regressions help you to bring up and heal other life wounds which may still be impacting this present lifetime. The regression practitioner will also create a spiritual and energetic safe space for you to journey into yourself.