Sound Therapy

In its simplest definition, sound is vibration. In the Universe, everything vibrates and is therefore in constant motion including body’s organs, tissues and cells.  A characteristic of each vibration is that its frequency is unique to every part of your physical body. 

Energy Therapy addresses the negative impact or low vibrations that are caused by stress, technology overuse (television, mobile phone, computer, etc…), negative thinking (about yourself and others), processed and non-organic foods, and even bad posture that are resulting from years of neglecting the body (lack of exercises), too much sitting, etc… All negative vibrations affect how the organs and the cells in your body vibrate. In its most dire consequence, the organs and cells of your body become out of synchronisation, resulting in many discomfort such as muscle tension, pain, headaches and sicknesses and dramatically to more challenging illnesses.

To address any of these issues, our healing practitioner can perform sound therapy that can address the above out of tune vibrational challenges and therefore make you feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced and complete. Our healing sessions can either be provided locally at our clinic or in local venues.