Psychic Protection


Psychic Protection is required when someone experiences psychic attacks. Psychic attacks are negative energies that are directed to you by someone (physical or non-physical) or a group of people (or entities) to harm you, our family or people who are close to you.  These attacks may be triggered either consciously or unconsciously.  As a result, one may have unexplained sense of fear or oppression, feel drained of energy, have bad smells or “cold spots” without physical explanation, experience negative “inserts” in one’s minds that seem to pop up out of nowhere, feel pulled out of the body against one’s will, feel fearful  of going to sleep, experience crushing fatigue, have bruises on the body after sleeping, dream of being attacked or being drained of energy.

To address any of these issues, our healing practitioner can  create an energetic protection shield that  can resolve the above challenges. Shields are created to mostly resolve the majority of psychic attacks.  In some cases, especially when dealing with non-physical entities, the healing practitioner will, in addition to creating a shield,  have to engage with them with the view of ensuring that they cease their attacks  . Psychic protection can either be provided locally at our clinic or remotely wherever you are in the world.