Cord Cutting


Cords are energetic connections or attachments via your aura to specific chakras (most of the time to the third chakra: Manipura) that bind you or connect you with a person, object (physical or not) or situation. They get created quite naturally most of the time, due to emotional connections we have with some people, objects or situations.  When balanced, meaning the energies flow harmoniously and positively from one to another, especially in relationships, they provide a mean of achieving togetherness. If not, they create stress and strain in your being. In some cases, cords can be created consciously or unconsciously for stealing your energy or even injecting you with negative and destructive energies.

If you are feeling drained, subdued or imprisoned in a certain situation or relationship, you probably have cords attached to one of your chakras. Some cords may be created during this lifetime, whereas some others are from other lives, which you have still not cleared.

To address any of these issues, our healing practitioner can perform a cord cutting healing that can resolve the above challenges and therefore make you feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced and complete. We are using energy healing to conduct cord cutting, that can either be provided locally at our clinic or remotely (distance healing) wherever you are in the world.