In an age of confusion , where the speed of our lives has dramatically accelerated in view of technological, political, religious and human complexities, the need for a holistic approach to mitigating these challenging has never been so great.

Holistic Union was created, as a service provided by White Phoenix Rising Ltd, to address the resulting challenges that affect every single person at one time of his/her life.

We are  practitioners with a wide experience in holistic and healing therapies and disciplines.  Our aim is to participate in the creation of a new world free from the illusions of the old one. To that effect, we are offering our services to help our fellow humans to heal and move on positively in their spiritual journeys.

Holistic Union’s purpose is to provide holistic services that cover the following topics:

  • Therapies:  Coaching, Counselling and Life Regression
  • Body work: Kundalini Balancing, Deep Tissue Massages and Sound Massages
  • Yoga: Kundalini Yoga, Gong Yoga and Gong Bath
  • Energy work:  Cord Cutting, Aura Cleansing, Energy Removal, Psychic Protection, Sound Healing and Meditation
  • Intuition: Tarot and Oracle Reading, Soul Plan and Intuitive Development
  • Courses/Workshops/Retreats: Georgien Wybenga

The services identified on this site are not intended, in any way, as a substitute for qualified medical advice.  Consult a qualified medical practitioner in person for any health concerns you may have.

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